Saturday (2pm-7pm): Curtains

Front Room

We are pleased to announce a brand new affair at Cafe1001, Curtains.

The series will play an active role in giving the space a whole new dynamic, amplified by the freshly refurbished upstairs space, combined with the soon to be installed Klipsch sound-system

Focusing on select DJs' record collections, it will feature an eclectic mix of everything, ushering in new talent, whilst also welcoming well-known names into the mix - the musical policy for this will stretch far and wide.


November 30th Peter Malla

Peter is well known for his DJ sets around the capital, while also having numerous slots on London’s various radio stations including Balamii, expect an eclectic mix of soulful grooves.

December 7th Tim Garcia (Música Macondo)

Tim Garcia runs the global music platform Música Macondo – a collective of like-minded DJs and broadcasters with a love of sharing good quality music. Música Macondo is all about discovery and the ever-changing shape of music from around the world.

December 21st Earthboogie (Izaak Gray & Nicola Robinson)

Best described as world dance music, their productions are drawn from inspiring sounds from across the globe; African, Latin and Eastern sounds are present in all their productions, which have sprouted from collaborations with singers such as Nina Miranda, and Angelique Kidjo. With clear parallels between the Afro-cosmic work of Italian pioneers Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda, rock guitars, disco riffs, vintage synthesizers and heavy African drum rhythms are all thrown in the melting pot.


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