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ANII (Kompakt)
Dan Crossan
KatrinKa (Chapter 24)
Lorraine Roar
Ritchie Haydn

**Day Party**

ARRVL touch down on Brick Lane with their signature sound of melodic house and deep techno, marking their second event of 2019.

This is a day party too (oh yes!), so what better place than at a venue which not only has an amazing dance space with state of the art sound and lighting, but also caters some amazing food for those that wanna grab a bite before we head into the night.

Pre-sale Advance tickets are going for a bargain at £4 a pop. Once they're gone, tickets will rise in price according to when you want to arrive - the earlier you come, the cheaper they are... simple :)

Be sure to check back for future announcements!

Ticket Link