Saudi Arabia & the UK: Politics Before Principles?

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What lies behind the British government's decision to place politics before principles in the Gulf? Why have Anglo-Arabian relations grown even closer in recent years, despite ongoing, egregious human rights violations? Join author & middle-east analyst Dr David Wearing for this fascinating look into our complex relationship with the Gulf State, and the real life 'Bitter Lake'.

UK ties with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies are under the spotlight as never before. The killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and the UK's key supporting role in the disastrous Saudi-led intervention in Yemen has lent added urgency to the debate.

David Wearing, author of 'AngloArabia: Why Gulf Wealth Matters to Britain', argues that Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Arab monarchies constitute the UK's most important and lucrative alliances in the global south. They are central both to the British government’s ambitions to retain its status in the world system, and to its post-Brexit economic strategy.

This talk will shine a light on the shocking lengths the British state has gone to in order to support these regimes. As the UK's ties with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states continue to make the headlines, this talk lifts the lid on 'AngloArabia' and what’s at stake for both sides.

Venue: Cafe 1001, Brick Lane
Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

*Please see venue website for admission (age restrictions) or accessibility information. Our talks may be filmed for promotional purposes.


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