LDN Talks: Infiltrating Alt-Right & Neo-Nazi Groups

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Over the past year, Julia Ebner has infiltrated numerous closed extreme-right forums and encrypted apps, ranging from American neo-Nazi channels involved in the Charlottesville rally to German white nationalist networks trying to manipulate the recent election.

In her talk, she will shed light on the tactics of an increasingly global and interconnected extreme right, which seeks to mainstream its ideologies and radicalise Generation Z. By staging coordinated media stunts, psychological operations and cyber-attacks, extreme-right movements have the potential disrupt democratic processes, to polarise our societies, and to inspire hate crimes and terror attacks.

Based on her undercover research and insights from her radicalisation prevention work at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Julia will explain how extremists are establishing parallel online societies, and how they aim to take these to the real world.

Julia is the author of 'The Rage: The Vicious Circle of Islamist and Far-Right Extremism' and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. She advises parliamentary working groups, frontline workers, and tech firms and regularly writes for the Guardian and the Independent.

Doors: 7pm Talk starts: 7.30pm

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