LDN Talks: Neuroscience of Communication

Back Room

This Funzing Experience: Have you ever been offended by something another person said? Perhaps you feel without any bad intentions you offended the other person too? What happened next? Both people feeling misunderstood, perhaps angry or sad. Most problems in romantic and working relationships happen because of misunderstandings in communication.

And that is normal - each of us has a very different brain and we see the world differently. Moreover, our brain has a threat response system which is constantly searching for dangers and triggers fight, flight or freeze response once it perceives the danger. In that state each of us becomes emotional, irrational and selfish, thus, good communication is not possible. If you want to learn to avoid these problems and develop successful communication habits, you might want to join this talk and learn from the neuroscientist (PhD) and life coach Gabija Toleikyte what solutions brain science suggests to that.

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.