LDN Talks: The Therapeutic Potential of Magic Mushrooms

Back Room

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A participant and psychologist from the Psilocybin for depression study take you step by step through the psychedelic treatment journey. You will learn about the history of psychedelics as treatments for mental distress, the current research studies taking place, the ins and outs of what happens in a psychedelic treatment session, and the typical after-effects.

Dr Rosalind Watts is a clinical psychologist in the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College (led by Robin Carhart-Harris), where the first modern study looking at psilocybin as a treatment for depression took place. Rosalind was a "trip-sitter" for participants in this study, and has published research exploring participant accounts of the impact of psilocybin, focusing on the theme of 'increased connection to self, others, and the world'. She is now developing training for therapists in the upcoming psilocybin study at Imperial, and pondering on the potential of psychedelics to help heal a disconnected world.

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.