Funzing - The Science of Hypnosis

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What does science say about hypnosis?

Join Dr Michael Heap for a fascinating evening exploring the science behind hypnosis! You will be introduced to the findings of recent scientific research and shown demonstrations of some simple hypnotic suggestions.

For many years hypnosis has been a subject of considerable fascination and some extraordinary claims have been made on its behalf. Equally, many people have dismissed it as simply play-acting or imagination. Most peoples knowledge about hypnosis comes from watching stage hypnosis shows or having hypnotherapy for smoking, weight loss or other psychological problems. In fact there is a long history of scientific research into the nature of hypnosis using normal volunteer subjects, and there is no doubt that it is an authentic psychological phenomenon.

Questions that have been investigated are: Is there such a thing as a hypnotic trance? What are suggestion and suggestibility? Can anyone experience hypnosis? Whats happening in the brain when someone is hypnotised? Is it possible to resist hypnosis? Is it true you can remember everything when youre hypnotised, and many others.

Dr Michael Heap is a clinical and forensic psychologist in Sheffield. As well as having extensive experience in clinical hypnosis, he has written and taught widely on the subject. From 1990 to 2000 he was administrator of the Diploma and Masters course in Clinical Hypnosis at the University of Sheffield and during this period assisted in the establishment and teaching of similar courses at University College London. He has been also involved as an expert witness in many civil and criminal cases that have involved hypnosis and similar practices.

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